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James Rubin: Liberal alert at Sky TV News

I have not read any British blogs which made any reference at all to the appointment of James P Rubin as a Sky TV News analyst and resident anchor. Yet here is a US Democrat big-hitter being taken on as a TV news anchor with his very own national show during prime time viewing.

James P Rubin: liberal alert on Sky TV News prime time.

Surprise, surprise that the British media should hire a prominent liberal, not a conservative, or even someone with less 'weighted' political credentials, as one of its key international analysts. Rubin's liberal baggage was apparent enough in last night's (anti-White House) diatribe 'personal overview' with which he opened, as he opens every, 8pm World News Tonight Hour. Sky bills this as James Rubin's "different take" on world events and news. I'll say its different. 'Loaded' would be a better word.

Should this anti-Bush administration bias surprise us when Rubin was appointed as President Clinton's Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs and the department's Chief Spokesman in 1997?

Fox TV News often refers to Sky as its 'sister channel'. That may be so by virtue of Rupert Murdoch's owernship of both. But Murdoch has long been on record lamenting the fact that Sky is "not more like Fox News". He's not the only one. And neither is it my wish to promote any right-of-centre bias per se. It is just that, in the British broadcast generally, and the news media specifically, there is precious little balance if your worldview is not liberal and Left.

As I have often said I have no problem with bias so long as it admitted. Conservatives are happy to accept the label 'conservative', but liberals squirm to avoid being tagged 'liberal' preferring the inaccurate term 'mainstream'. But, as has often been shown, the liberal bias of the media is not matched by the largely more conservative views of the broader population. In other words, the liberal bias with which the news is often delivered is not representative of the bias of its own audience. Not that, as is increasingly the case with the usual slanted news programming these day Rubin's viewing figures have been very good (perhaps as much down to his uneven presentation style - not his fault, he is not a TV professional - as his leftwing politics).

What then are the chances of someone from the Bush White House being taken on at Sky or anywhere else in the left-leaning British broadcast media, I wonder?

Did you hear those loud cracking noises? It was the sound of hell freezing over.

NB. With thanks to my friend Thomas Lifson at the excellent 'The American Thinker' which has linked to this posting here. I mention this as The American Thinker has this week taken on the might of the New York Times  (the US liberal paper 'with its head bashed in'). In essence the NYT has been running a demonising campaign against Bush White House over the recent allegations of phone tapping et al. TAT has revealed that under Clinton the NYT called such surveillance "a necessity". On top of this The NYTimes has been caught apparently faking photos that show houses bombed by US bombs. The Times, as you can imagine, is not amused. Here, here and here are the relevant articles. Its yet another case of bloggers successfullly 'outing' the MSM for its hypocrisy. Well done Thomas and co.
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