Peter Glover's Wires From The Bunker (petercglover) wrote,
Peter Glover's Wires From The Bunker

Blair's new generation of nuclear reactors - here's the hammer and nails, get to work!

Great. Tony Blair has finally gone public with something he has known for some time: that a new generation of nuclear reactors is the only sensible answer to our future energy needs.

The apoplectic reaction from environmentalists alone suggests we must be on to something. These guys are ALWAYS on the wrong side of every argument.  (We need a crop of incinerators, too.)

Though nuclear power is not the whole answer, until a sensible alternative comes along - and 'renewables' are about as sensible an answer as lighting a match under water - then nuclear power will have to produce around 20% of our future needs, at least - and cut carbon emissions to almost nil.

The environmentalists would soon go quiet once the blackouts, failure of cold water, cold houses and aged deaths started to occur under their crackpot schemes. Of course it could all come to nought if Environmental 'silver foil in the hat' nutter David Cameron beats Gordon Brown.  Personally, I believe  David Cameron can provide us all with a lead here. He should have his head shaved and have a personal wind turbine implanted. One which would, in theory of course (never in practice, attend to all his bodily needs. And Cameron's just barmy enough to do it - if he thought it would get him elected, that is.
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